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Swindon men’s team secure their first win of the 2014-2015 season

Posted on 8th October 2014, by Ollie Strutt . Comments Off on Swindon men’s team secure their first win of the 2014-2015 season

On the 2nd of October the men’s second team played their first match of the season in division 3 of the Swindon league. The opposition were Brecon and the game was at home.

Following a few close matches, with Yannick and Will determined to halve every one (they succeeded), the overall score was 9-8. With one game left to play, the pressure was on the final pair to consolidate the victory.

The first end had been close so anything could happen. At 16-all Tetbury crumbled with 4 points practically given away to hand the opponents game point.

With an unfathomable resurgence the Tetbury duo fought back to 19-20 and then, disaster. To describe it as a mid-court collision would be kind. A collision in the right tram about a yard from the net would be accurate. Worse still the “clear” hung like forbidden fruit … Read More »

Winter Club 2014 Underway

Posted on 2nd September 2014, by Conrad . Comments Off on Winter Club 2014 Underway

We had our first club night last night and were very pleased to welcome two new players.

Summer Club 2014 Underway

Posted on 5th May 2014, by Conrad . Comments Off on Summer Club 2014 Underway

The summer season has begun. Come on down on a Thursday night from 8th May until 17th July. It’s pay to play so bring some cash!

Swindon Men’s gain second Promotion in Dramatic Final Match

Posted on 15th April 2014, by Steve Moss . Comments Off on Swindon Men’s gain second Promotion in Dramatic Final Match

In 2012/13 our Swindon League Men’s Team (our second men’s team) comfortably won Division 5 and were duly promoted to Division 4.

After a much tougher season in 2013/14 we came to play our final match when the 2 teams above had already completed their fixtures. In Swindon League matches 18 sets are played and a team gains a league point for every set won, plus a bonus 3 points for winning the match overall. In the last game we needed a 16-2 win to climb above the team in second place. We were playing the bottom team and it was at home…

We won 15-3 and so finished level on points! However, to decide position, sets lost over the season are then counted and…. we had lost fewer!

The team in the final game included Ollie Strutt, Pete Martin, Martin Doidge, Conrad Goodenough, … Read More »